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Brands Need To Recognize Not All Dads Are Dolts

There’s an important demographic that many marketers seem to overlook or approach irrationally.

I am talking about the working fathers now heavily involved in the raising of their children. This demographic includes both the work-from-home Mr Moms as well as workplace fathers sharing responsibility for child rearing.

A recent article in Strategy + Business, Making Room for Mr. Mom, caught my attention last week. The article is focused on how companies need to react to this societal shift from an employee policy and organizational culture perspective. However, I suggest marketers read the article and contemplate the implications of this societal shift on their marketing programs and initiatives.

The first place I suggest to start is for organizations to stop portraying all fathers as idiots in their product advertising.

Fathers take just as much pride in their multi-tasking, work and family life balancing acts, and juggling of professional and family schedules as their female partners. Brand managers would fare greatly by appealing to these feelings of pride and accomplishment, rather than showing dads as dolts.

As the article in Strategy + Business points out, “it is time to transcend the traditional stereotype” of fatherhood. This needs to take place both in the workplace and in our branding campaigns.

Do you agree?

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