Strong Amazon Corporate Image Protects Customer Loyalty Levels

Corporate Brand Helps Maintain Loyalty of Customers

Last week we wrote in The Monday Morning Marketing Memo blog that “nothing touches the customer more than how he or she perceives your corporate image.”

Research released this week concerning the Amazon brand by the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score confirms this.

The research shows that, despite high levels of awareness of a recent NY Times negative story on the Amazon workplace, “the percentage of consumers who would consider buying from Amazon the next time they want to buy from a retail store dropped a mere two percentage points, from 72% to 70%.”

As these two points are within the study’s margin of error, the drop is not statistically meaningful.

The fundamental perception of the corporate image is a major factor that determines whether a customer will decide to conduct business with you and, more important, enter into a long-term and mutually rewarding relationship with your organization.

As we see in the case of Amazon, the over perception of the Amazon brand is significantly strong that even an exposé in the New York Times is not enough to the change buying habits and loyalty of consumers.

Amazon may have taken a short-term PR hit last month. But unless new revelations are released, it certainly appears that the powerful Amazon corporate image has warded off any hits to the loyalty of its customers.

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