The Branding of Bernie Sanders

While I am not a supporter of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, I do admire the branding being associated with this endeavor.

Typical of the grass-roots nature of this campaign, the use of colorful and strong-messaging T-shirts, hoodies, and bumper stickers has been fundamental in communicating the iconoclast image of Senator Sanders.

Here’s the best example I’ve seen:

Bernie Sanders Not For Sale

Senator Sanders may not be winning in the polls, but he is certainly winning in the T-Shirt wars. Have a look at the Razzle website and you’ll see what I mean…..there are 65 pages of Bernie Sanders T-shirts with 3888 choices to select from!

I look forward to observing the continued branding of Bernie Sanders.

He may not be his party’s leader yet, but his campaign team is certainly making him into a Brand Leader.


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